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Effects of Debris on Bridge Pier Scour (2010)

Pilot Test of the Ecological Approaches to Environmental Protection Developed in Capacity Research Projects C06A and C06B (2013)

Handbook for Predicting Stream Meander Migration and Supporting Software (2004)

Methodology for Predicting Channel Migration (2004)

Evaluation and Repair Procedures for Precast/Prestressed Concrete Girders with Longitudinal Cracking in the Web (2010)

An Ecological Approach to Integrating Conservation and Highway Planning, Volume 2 (2012)

Monitoring Scour Critical Bridges (2009)

Assessment of Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Use of TCAPP in Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan: Technical Evaluation (2013)

Renewable Energy Guide for Highway Maintenance Facilities (2013)

Assessing and Managing the Ecological Impacts of Paved Roads (2005)

State and Federal Standards for Mobile-Source Emissions (2006)