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Energy Use: The Human Dimension (1984)

Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 1 (2015)

Measuring Research and Development Expenditures in the U.S. Economy: Interim Report (2004)

Statistics, Testing, and Defense Acquisition: Background Papers (1999)

Choosing the Right Formula: Initial Report (2001)

Communicating Chemistry: A Framework for Sharing Science: A Practical Evidence-Based Guide (2016)

Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments (2016)

Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research (2014)

Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 2 (2016)

Empowering the Defense Acquisition Workforce to Improve Mission Outcomes Using Data Science (2021)

Data Science for Undergraduates: Opportunities and Options (2018)

Communicating Science and Engineering Data in the Information Age (2012)

The National Children's Study 2014: An Assessment (2014)

Envisioning the Data Science Discipline: The Undergraduate Perspective: Interim Report (2018)