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Man Living in the Arctic; Proceedings of a Conference, Quartermaster Research and Engineering Center, Natick, Massachusetts, 1, 2 December 1960 (1961)

Fire Research Abstracts and Reviews, Volume 4 (1962)

Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society (1966)

Materials and Man's Needs: Materials Science and Engineering -- Volume IV, Aspects of Materials Technology Abroad (1975)

Review of a New Data Management System for the Social Security Administration (1978)

The Funding of Social Knowledge Production and Application: A Survey of Federal Agencies (1978)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 1 (1979)

Marijuana and Health (1982)

Scientific Communication and National Security (1982)

Nursing and Nursing Education: Public Policies and Private Actions (1983)

Changing Climate: Report of the Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee (1983)

Current Status of Neutron-Scattering Research and Facilities in the United States (1984)

National Survey Data on Food Consumption: Uses and Recommendations (1984)

New Directions for Biosciences Research in Agriculture: High-Reward Opportunities (1985)