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Traffic Signal Retiming Practices in the United States (2010)

Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 19, Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies (2010)

System Trials to Demonstrate Mileage-Based Road Use Charges (2010)

Measuring Transportation Network Performance (2010)

Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk (Abbreviated Version) (2010)

Assessing Mechanisms for Integrating Transportation-Related Greenhouse Gas Reduction Objectives into Transportation Decision Making (2010)

Separation of Vehicles—CMV-Only Lanes (2010)

Representing Freight in Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Models (2010)

Guidebook for Implementing Passenger Rail Service on Shared Passenger and Freight Corridors (2010)

Pathways to Urban Sustainability: Research and Development on Urban Systems: Summary of a Workshop (2010)

Transforming Clinical Research in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities: Workshop Summary (2010)

A Methodology for Performance Measurement and Peer Comparison in the Public Transportation Industry (2010)

Ecosystem Concepts for Sustainable Bivalve Mariculture (2010)

Monitoring Climate Change Impacts: Metrics at the Intersection of the Human and Earth Systems (2010)

Advancing Aeronautical Safety: A Review of NASA's Aviation Safety-Related Research Programs (2010)

Guidelines for Conducting a Disparity and Availability Study for the Federal DBE Program (2010)

Current Practices in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings from Transit (2010)

Estimating Soft Costs for Major Public Transportation Fixed Guideway Projects (2010)

Ground-Borne Noise and Vibration in Buildings Caused by Rail Transit (2010)

Advanced Practices in Travel Forecasting (2010)