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Grand Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research: A Community Workshop Report (2011)

Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development (2013)

Tracking Toxic Substances at Industrial Facilities: Engineering Mass Balance Versus Materials Accounting (1990)

Expanding the Uses of Naval Ocean Science and Technology (1996)

New Directions for Chemical Engineering (2022)

Waste Forms Technology and Performance: Final Report (2011)

An End State Methodology for Identifying Technology Needs for Environmental Management, with an Example from the Hanford Site Tanks (1999)

The Hanford Tanks: Environmental Impacts and Policy Choices (1996)

Benchmarking the Competitiveness of the United States in Mechanical Engineering Basic Research (2007)

Protecting Building Occupants and Operations from Biological and Chemical Airborne Threats: A Framework for Decision Making (2007)

Preparing for Future Products of Biotechnology (2017)

Research Opportunities for Deactivating and Decommissioning Department of Energy Facilities (2001)

Materials Count: The Case for Material Flows Analysis (2004)

Forensic Analysis: Weighing Bullet Lead Evidence (2004)

Astrochemistry: Discoveries to Inform the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Communities: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2019)

Materials Science and Technology: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century (2003)

Research Needs for High-Level Waste Stored in Tanks and Bins at U.S. Department of Energy Sites: Environmental Management Science Program (2001)

Evaluating Testing, Costs, and Benefits of Advanced Spectroscopic Portals: Final Report (Abbreviated Version) (2011)

Geological and Geotechnical Engineering in the New Millennium: Opportunities for Research and Technological Innovation (2006)

Technologies for Environmental Management: The Department of Energy's Office of Science and Technology (1999)