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Serious and Fatal Motorcycle Crashes into Traffic Barriers: Injury Information (2022)

Motorcycle Crashes into Traffic Barriers: Factors Related to Serious and Fatal Injuries (2022)

Roadside Safety Analysis Program (RSAP) Update (2022)

Design Guidelines for Mitigating Collisions with Trees and Utility Poles (2022)

Practices for Balancing Safety Investments in a Comprehensive Safety Program (2022)

Guidelines for Treatments to Mitigate Opposite Direction Crashes (2022)

Rural Transportation Issues: Research Roadmap (2022)

Guide to Alternative Technologies for Preventing and Mitigating Vehicle Intrusions into Highway Work Zones (2022)

Integrating Firearm Injury Prevention into Health Care: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Northwell Health; and Peace Initiative (2022)

Command-Level Decision Making for Transportation Emergency Managers (2022)

Police Training to Promote the Rule of Law and Protect the Population (2022)

Reducing Racial Inequality in Crime and Justice: Science, Practice, and Policy (2022)

Guide to Understanding Effects of Raising Speed Limits (2022)

Guide to Implementation of the Toward Zero Deaths National Strategy on Highway Safety (2022)

Evidence to Advance Reform in the Global Security and Justice Sectors: Compilation of Reports (2022)

Animal Welfare Challenges in Research and Education on Wildlife, Non-Model Animal Species and Biodiversity: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Guidelines for the Development and Application of Crash Modification Factors (2022)

Realizing the Promise of Equity in the Organ Transplantation System (2022)