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Gulf War and Health: Volume 6: Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial Effects of Deployment-Related Stress (2008)

Epidemiologic Studies of Veterans Exposed to Depleted Uranium: Feasibility and Design Issues (2008)

Disrupting Improvised Explosive Device Terror Campaigns: Basic Research Opportunities: A Workshop Report (2008)

Improving the Presumptive Disability Decision-Making Process for Veterans (2008)

Selection and Application of Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment (2008)

Assessment of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (2008)

Review of Directed Energy Technology for Countering Rockets, Artillery, and Mortars (RAM): Abbreviated Version (2008)

Maritime Security Partnerships (2008)

Preliminary Observations on DoD Software Research Needs and Priorities: A Letter Report (2008)

Global Challenges and Directions for Agricultural Biotechnology: Workshop Report (2008)

Managing Materials for a Twenty-first Century Military (2008)

Pre-Milestone A and Early-Phase Systems Engineering: A Retrospective Review and Benefits for Future Air Force Systems Acquisition (2008)

U.S. Conventional Prompt Global Strike: Issues for 2008 and Beyond (2008)

Challenges and Successes in Reducing Health Disparities: Workshop Summary (2008)

Behavioral Modeling and Simulation: From Individuals to Societies (2008)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 12 (2008)

Research on Future Skill Demands: A Workshop Summary (2008)

Department of Homeland Security Bioterrorism Risk Assessment: A Call for Change (2008)

English-Chinese, Chinese-English Nuclear Security Glossary (2008)

The Utility of Proximity-Based Herbicide Exposure Assessment in Epidemiologic Studies of Vietnam Veterans (2008)