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Vessel Navigation and Traffic Services for Safe and Efficient Ports and Waterways: Interim Report (1996)

Driver Selection Tests and Measurement (2012)

Access to International Transportation Research Information (2014)

Practical Approaches for Involving Traditionally Underserved Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking (2012)

Helping New Maintenance Hires Adapt to the Airport Operating Environment (2013)

On-Board and Intercept Transit Survey Techniques (2005)

Use of Taxis in Public Transportation for People with Disabilities and Older Adults (2016)

Developing Innovative Strategies for Aviation Education and Participation (2019)

Counting Aircraft Operations at Non-Towered Airports (2007)

Effective Public Involvement Using Limited Resources (2010)

Aviation Workforce Development Practices (2010)

Research Methods for Understanding Aircraft Noise Annoyances and Sleep Disturbance (2014)

Managing the Transit Scheduling Workforce (2019)

Real-Time Traveler Information Systems (2009)

Highway Research: Current Programs and Future Directions -- Special Report 244 (1994)

Framework for a Pavement-Maintenance Database System (2016)

Guidebook for Preparing Public Notification Programs at Airports (2017)

Individual Differences and the "High-Risk" Commercial Driver (2004)