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Lessons Learned in the Implementation of NASA's Earth Venture Class (2022)

Radioisotope Power Systems: An Imperative for Maintaining U.S. Leadership in Space Exploration (2009)

Report Series: Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science: Getting Ready for the Next Planetary Science Decadal Survey (2017)

Radiation and the International Space Station: Recommendations to Reduce Risk (2000)

Report of the Panel on Implementing Recommendations from the New Worlds, New Horizons Decadal Survey (2012)

Optimizing the U.S. Ground-Based Optical and Infrared Astronomy System (2015)

Powering Science: NASA's Large Strategic Science Missions (2017)

New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics (2010)

Exploring the Trans-Neptunian Solar System (1998)

Research for a Future in Space: The Role of Life and Physical Sciences (2012)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 2008 (2009)

Readiness for the Upcoming Solar Maximum (1998)

U.S.-European-Japanese Workshop on Space Cooperation: Summary Report (1999)

From Earth to Orbit: An Assessment of Transportation Options (1992)

Reusable Booster System: Review and Assessment (2012)

Neutrinos and Beyond: New Windows on Nature (2003)

Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration (2007)

Review of ONR's Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles Program (2000)

Earth Science and Applications from Space: A Midterm Assessment of NASA's Implementation of the Decadal Survey (2012)

Autonomy Research for Civil Aviation: Toward a New Era of Flight (2014)