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Child Health in Complex Emergencies (2006)

Psychosocial Concepts in Humanitarian Work with Children: A Review of the Concepts and Related Literature (2003)

Myopia: Prevalence and Progression (1989)

Proceedings--Workshop on Needle Exchange and Bleach Distribution Programs (1994)

AIDS, Sexual Behavior, and Intravenous Drug Use (1989)

AIDS: The Second Decade (1990)

Critical Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in Late Life (2004)

Community Programs to Promote Youth Development (2002)

Emerging Issues in Hispanic Health: Summary of a Workshop (2002)

Consumer Health Information Technology in the Home: A Guide for Human Factors Design Considerations (2011)

Ending Discrimination Against People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders: The Evidence for Stigma Change (2016)

Protecting Youth at Work: Health, Safety, and Development of Working Children and Adolescents in the United States (1998)

The Aging Mind: Opportunities in Cognitive Research (2000)

Technology for Adaptive Aging (2004)

Eliminating Health Disparities: Measurement and Data Needs (2004)

The Role of Human Factors in Home Health Care: Workshop Summary (2010)

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Health of Older Americans (1997)

Health Care Comes Home: The Human Factors (2011)

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: Report, Workshop Summary, and Workshop Papers (1999)

Demography of Aging (1994)