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Explosive Volcanism: Inception, Evolution, and Hazards (1984)

Practical Applications of a Space Station (1984)

Urban Forestry: Toward an Ecosystem Services Research Agenda: A Workshop Summary (2013)

Framing the Challenge of Urban Flooding in the United States (2019)

Elements of a Science Plan for the North Pacific Research Board (2004)

Adaptive Management for Water Resources Project Planning (2004)

People and Pixels: Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science (1998)

Water and Sustainable Development: Opportunities for the Chemical Sciences: A Workshop Report to the Chemical Sciences Roundtable (2004)

Completing the Forecast: Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainty for Better Decisions Using Weather and Climate Forecasts (2006)

Striking a Balance: Improving Stewardship of Marine Areas (1997)

Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration (2015)

Partnerships for Reducing Landslide Risk: Assessment of the National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy (2004)

A Research Review of Interventions to Increase the Persistence and Resilience of Coral Reefs (2019)

Physics of the Earth - II The Figure of the Earth: Bulletin of the National Research Council (1931)

Increasing National Resilience to Hazards and Disasters: The Perspective from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi: Summary of a Workshop (2011)

Environmental Information for Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Decisions in Alaska (1994)

Managing Water Resources in the West Under Conditions of Climate Uncertainty: A Proceedings (1991)

Assigning Economic Value to Natural Resources (1994)