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A Biological Survey for the Nation (1994)

Biodiversity (1988)

Conserving Biodiversity: A Research Agenda for Development Agencies (1992)

Biodiversity II: Understanding and Protecting Our Biological Resources (1997)

Biodiversity at Risk: Today's Choices Matter (2022)

The Unique U.S.-Russian Relationship in Biological Science and Biotechnology: Recent Experience and Future Directions (2013)

A New Biology for the 21st Century (2009)

Systematics and the Origin of Species: On Ernst Mayr's 100th Anniversary (2005)

Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Interim Report (2004)

Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Final Report (2005)

Variation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms: Toward a New Synthesis 50 Years After Stebbins (2000)

The U.S. National Plant Germplasm System (1991)

(NAS Colloquium) The Future of Evolution (2002)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume II: Biodiversity and Extinction (2008)

Opportunities in Biology (1989)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume X: Comparative Phylogeography (2017)

Nature and Human Society: The Quest for a Sustainable World (1997)

Twenty-First Century Ecosystems: Managing the Living World Two Centuries After Darwin: Report of a Symposium (2011)

Perspectives on Biodiversity: Valuing Its Role in an Everchanging World (1999)