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Amaranth: Modern Prospects for an Ancient Crop (1984)

Insect-Pest Management and Control (1969)

National Summit on Strategies to Manage Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: Proceedings of a Workshop (2012)

Managing Global Genetic Resources: Agricultural Crop Issues and Policies (1993)

The Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States (2010)

Feasibility of Using Mycoherbicides for Controlling Illicit Drug Crops (2011)

Saline Agriculture: Salt-Tolerant Plants for Developing Countries (1990)

Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion (1993)

An Assessment of the Need for Native Seeds and the Capacity for Their Supply: Interim Report (2020)

Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation (1989)

Lost Crops of Africa: Volume III: Fruits (2008)

Scientific and Humane Issues in the Use of Random Source Dogs and Cats in Research (2009)

Lost Crops of Africa: Volume II: Vegetables (2006)

International Perspectives: The Future of Nonhuman Primate Resources: Proceedings of the Workshop Held April 17-19, 2002 (2003)

Environmental Effects of Transgenic Plants: The Scope and Adequacy of Regulation (2002)

Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock 'n' Roll (2000)

(NAS Colloquium) Plants and Population: Is There Time? (1999)

Status of Pollinators in North America (2007)

Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: Assessing the Necessity (2011)

Biological Confinement of Genetically Engineered Organisms (2004)