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One Step at a Time: The Staged Development of Geologic Repositories for High-Level Radioactive Waste (2003)

Conceptual Models of Flow and Transport in the Fractured Vadose Zone (2001)

Going the Distance?: The Safe Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste in the United States (2006)

Ground Water at Yucca Mountain: How High Can It Rise? (1992)

Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards (1995)

Long-Term Institutional Management of U.S. Department of Energy Legacy Waste Sites (2000)

Comments on Proposed Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada (1999)

Review of U.S. Department of Energy Technical Basis Report for Surface Characteristics, Preclosure Hydrology, and Erosion (1995)

Safety in the Underground Construction and Operation of the Exploratory Studies Facility at Yucca Mountain (1995)

Principles and Operational Strategies for Staged Repository Systems: Progress Report (2002)

Research Reactor Aluminum Spent Fuel: Treatment Options for Disposal (1998)

Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE Spent Fuel Treatment: An Assessment of Waste Form Development and Characterization (1999)

Setting the Stage for International Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities: International Workshop Proceedings (2008)

Preparing for the 21st Century: The Environment and the Human Future (1997)

Radioactive Waste Repository Licensing: Synopsis of a Symposium (1992)

Nuclear Wastes: Technologies for Separations and Transmutation (1996)

Disposition of High-Level Radioactive Waste Through Geological Isolation: Development, Current Status, and Technical and Policy Challenges (1999)

Disposition of High-Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel: The Continuing Societal and Technical Challenges (2001)

Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE Spent Fuel Treatment: Final Report (2000)

Waste Forms Technology and Performance: Final Report (2011)