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The Nature and Role of Algebra in the K-14 Curriculum: Proceedings of a National Symposium (1998)

Traffic Control Devices and Measures for Deterring Wrong-Way Movements (2018)

Laser Eye Effects (1968)

Using Pictograms to Make Transit Easier to Navigate for Customers with Communication Barriers (2013)

Guide to Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling (2019)

(NAS Colloquium) Proteolytic Processing and Physiological Regulation (1999)

Case Studies of Truck Activity Data for Emissions Modeling (2019)

Understanding the U.S. Illicit Tobacco Market: Characteristics, Policy Context, and Lessons from International Experiences (2015)

Protecting U.S. Technological Advantage (2022)

Technology-Based Pilot Programs: Improving Future U.S. Military Reserve Forces (1999)

Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl (2005)

The Social Biology of Microbial Communities: Workshop Summary (2012)

Apron Planning and Design Guidebook (2013)

Effectiveness and Impacts of Dust Control Measures for Owens Lake (2020)

Improving School Bus Safety: Special Report 222 (1989)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2006 Symposium (2007)

Pavement Marking Warranty Specifications (2010)

Human Behavior in Military Contexts (2008)