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Work, Jobs, and Occupations: A Critical Review of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (1980)

The Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM (2019)

Pay Equity: Empirical Inquiries (1989)

Improving the Health of Women in the United States: Workshop Summary (2016)

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Careers of Women in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2021)

Understanding the Educational and Career Pathways of Engineers (2018)

Preparing the Next Generation of Earth Scientists: An Examination of Federal Education and Training Programs (2013)

Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies (2011)

Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2018)

Mental Retardation: Determining Eligibility for Social Security Benefits (2002)

Transitions in Work and Learning: Implications for Assessment (1997)

Comparable Worth: New Directions for Research (1985)

Issues in Civilian Outplacement Strategies: Proceedings of a Workshop (1996)

Sex Segregation in the Workplace: Trends, Explanations, Remedies (1984)

Women's Work, Men's Work: Sex Segregation on the Job (1986)

Messaging for Engineering: From Research to Action (2013)

Adaptability of the US Engineering and Technical Workforce: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Health Professions Faculty for the Future: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)