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Transmission Pipelines and Land Use: A Risk-Informed Approach -- Special Report 281 (2004)

Flying in the COVID-19 Era: Science-based Risk Assessments and Mitigation Strategies on the Ground and in the Air: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Urbanization and Slums: Infectious Diseases in the Built Environment: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Review of the HIVNET 012 Perinatal HIV Prevention Study (2005)

Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area (1998)

Blood and Blood Products: Safety and Risk (1996)

Aviation After a Year of Pandemic: Economics, People, and Technology: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Xenotransplantation: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy (1996)

Revisiting Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area (2020)

Confronting AIDS: Directions for Public Health, Health Care, and Research (1986)

Research Priorities to Inform Public Health and Medical Practice for Ebola Virus Disease: Workshop in Brief (2014)

Infectious Disease Mitigation in Airports and on Aircraft (2013)

Potential Research Priorities to Inform Public Health and Medical Practice for Domestic Zika Virus: Workshop in Brief (2016)

AIDS and Behavior: An Integrated Approach (1994)

The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (1997)

HIV Screening of Pregnant Women and Newborns (1991)

Hydrologic Hazards Science at the U.S. Geological Survey (1999)

Pivotal Interfaces of Environmental Health and Infectious Disease Research to Inform Responses to Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)