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Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 19, Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies (2010)

Use of Electronic Passenger Information Signage in Transit (2013)

Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Transit Agencies (2015)

Innovative Practices in Transit Workforce Development (2008)

Characteristics of Premium Transit Services that Affect Choice of Mode (2014)

Transit, Call Centers, and 511: A Guide for Decision Makers (2009)

Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 11, Transit Information and Promotion (2004)

Developing Partnerships between Transportation Agencies and the Disability and Underrepresented Communities (2013)

Concept for an e-Transit Reference Enterprise Architecture (2004)

Geographic Information Systems Applications in Transit (2004)

Leveraging ITS Data for Transit Market Research: A Practitioner's Guidebook (2008)

Smartcard Interoperability Issues for the Transit Industry (2006)

Measuring Transportation Network Performance (2010)

Public Transit Rider Origin–Destination Survey Methods and Technologies (2019)

Rail Base Corrosion Detection and Prevention (2007)

Social and Economic Sustainability Performance Measures for Public Transportation: Final Guidance Document (2019)

Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services (2015)

Data Needs for Assessing Rural Transit Needs, Benefits, and Levels of Service (2012)

Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit Agencies (2017)

Contracting Fixed-Route Bus Transit Service (2018)