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Compendium of Successful Practices, Strategies, and Resources in the U.S. DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (2019)

New Tools for Environmental Protection: Education, Information, and Voluntary Measures (2002)

Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: Focus on Industry - Brief Summary: Institute of Medicine Regional Symposium (2006)

Reducing the Threat of Improvised Explosive Device Attacks by Restricting Access to Explosive Precursor Chemicals (2018)

Alcohol in America: Taking Action to Prevent Abuse (1985)

Model Education Curricula and Toolkit for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials (2013)

Analysis of the Effects of U.S. National Security Controls on U.S.-Headquartered Industrial Firms (1986)

Evaluation of the Use of Electronic Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials Shipments (2012)

Letter Report on the Freight Analysis Framework (2004)

Commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Management Certification (2007)

Summary of a Forum on Spectrum Management Policy Reform (2004)

Seismic Signals from Mining Operations and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Comments on a Draft Report by a Department of Energy Working Group (1998)

Crossroads of Information Technology Standards (1990)

Theory and Law of Airport Revenue Diversion (2008)

Research on the Health and Wellness of Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers: Summary of an International Conference (2012)

Practical Measures to Increase Transit Advertising Revenues (2009)

Older Commercial Drivers: Do They Pose a Safety Risk? (2010)

Patent Challenges for Standard-Setting in the Global Economy: Lessons from Information and Communications Technology (2013)

Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Increasing Global Food Supplies: Report of a Workshop (2011)