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Challenges and Opportunities for Change in Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Workshop Summary (2013)

Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity? (2006)

Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity Prevention: Workshop Summary (2011)

Evaluating Military Advertising and Recruiting: Theory and Methodology (2004)

Practical Measures to Increase Transit Advertising Revenues (2009)

Marketing Guidebook for Small Airports (2010)

Alcohol in America: Taking Action to Prevent Abuse (1985)

Studying Media Effects on Children and Youth: Improving Methods and Measures: Workshop Summary (2006)

Toward the Prevention of Alcohol Problems: Government, Business, and Community Action (1984)

Measuring Progress in Obesity Prevention: Workshop Report (2012)

Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies (2011)

Improving America's Diet and Health: From Recommendations to Action (1991)

Transit Fare Arrangements for Public Employees (2010)

Lessons Learned from Diverse Efforts to Change Social Norms and Opportunities and Strategies to Promote Behavior Change in Behavioral Health: Proceedings of Two Workshops (2017)

Examples of Best Practices for Communicating the Economic Benefits of Transportation (2007)

Evaluation of Recent Ridership Increases (2004)

The Current State of Obesity Solutions in the United States: Workshop Summary (2014)

Messaging for Engineering: From Research to Action (2013)

Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility (2004)