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Oil Spill Dispersants: Efficacy and Effects (2005)

Spills of Emulsified Fuels: Risks and Response (2002)

Spills of Nonfloating Oils: Risk and Response (1999)

Responding to Oil Spills in the U.S. Arctic Marine Environment (2014)

Using Oil Spill Dispersants on the Sea (1989)

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute: Past, Present, and Future Directions (2003)

Oil in the Sea III: Inputs, Fates, and Effects (2003)

Opportunities for Environmental Applications of Marine Biotechnology: Proceedings of the October 5-6, 1999, Workshop (2000)

An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory: Fiscal Year 2008 (2008)

Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines: A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects, and Response (2016)

Assessment of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Studies Program: I. Physical Oceanography (1990)

Oil in the Sea IV: Inputs, Fates, and Effects (2022)

Continuing Education of Engineers (1985)

Review of the National Defense Intelligence College's Master's Degree in Science and Technology Intelligence (2011)

The Use of Dispersants in Marine Oil Spill Response (2020)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 8 (1996)

Environmental Information for Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Decisions in Alaska (1994)

Letter Report on a Technical Peer Review of the Buzzards Bay Risk Assessment (2013)

Assessing Economic Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Summary of a Workshop (2009)

Engineering Employment Characteristics (1985)