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Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Detection: Assessing the Challenges–Finding Solutions: Workshop Summary (2007)

Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Global to the Local Perspective: A Summary of a Workshop of the Forum on Emerging Infections (2001)

Letter Report on the Threat Agent Detection Response System Database (2006)

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance and Protecting the Miracle of Modern Medicine (2022)

Evaluation of the Multifunction Phased Array Radar Planning Process (2008)

Antimicrobial Resistance: Issues and Options (1998)

Achieving Sustainable Global Capacity for Surveillance and Response to Emerging Diseases of Zoonotic Origin: Workshop Summary (2008)

The Biological Threat Reduction Program of the Department of Defense: From Foreign Assistance to Sustainable Partnerships (2007)

Countering Biological Threats: Challenges for the Department of Defense's Nonproliferation Program Beyond the Former Soviet Union (2009)

Video Surveillance Uses by Rail Transit Agencies (2011)

Life Sciences and Related Fields: Trends Relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention (2011)

Orbital Debris: A Technical Assessment (1995)

Learning from SARS: Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak: Workshop Summary (2004)

Sustaining Global Surveillance and Response to Emerging Zoonotic Diseases (2009)

Urgent Attention Needed to Restore Lapsed Adenovirus Vaccine Availability: A Letter Report (2000)

New Research Directions for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Workshop Report (2010)

The Impact of Globalization on Infectious Disease Emergence and Control: Exploring the Consequences and Opportunities: Workshop Summary (2006)

Conference on Human Health and Global Climate Change: Summary of the Proceedings (1996)