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The Social and Behavioral Sciences in K-12 Education: Past, Present, and Future: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2017)

Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education: A Nation Advancing? (2013)

Science and Engineering for Grades 6-12: Investigation and Design at the Center (2019)

How Students Learn: History in the Classroom (2005)

Service-Learning in Undergraduate Geosciences: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Indicators for Monitoring Undergraduate STEM Education (2018)

Quality in the Undergraduate Experience: What Is It? How Is It Measured? Who Decides? Summary of a Workshop (2016)

Promising Practices for Strengthening the Regional STEM Workforce Development Ecosystem (2016)

How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom (2005)

Graduate STEM Education for the 21st Century (2018)

A New Vision for Center-Based Engineering Research (2017)

Exploring the Intersection of Science Education and 21st Century Skills: A Workshop Summary (2010)

Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning (2000)

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition (2000)

Learning and Instruction: A SERP Research Agenda (2004)

How People Learn: Bridging Research and Practice (1999)

Introducing the National Science Education Standards, Booklet (1997)

Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools: Report of the Content Panel for Physics (2002)

Improving Indicators of the Quality of Science and Mathematics Education in Grades K-12 (1988)