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Performance-Based Mix Design for Porous Friction Courses (2018)

Clean Water Act Requirements for Airports (2016)

Urban Stormwater Management in the United States (2009)

Winter Design Storm Factor Determination for Airports (2012)

A Handbook for Addressing Water Resource Issues Affecting Airport Development Planning (2011)

Guidebook of Practices for Improving Environmental Performance at Small Airports (2010)

Guidebook for Selecting Methods to Monitor Airport and Aircraft Deicing Materials (2017)

Analysis of Federal Laws, Regulations, Case Law, and Survey of Existing Airport NPDES Permits Regarding Tenant-Operator Responsibilities under NPDES and Stormwater Management BMPS under Owner/Airport's Operating Permits (2015)

Framing the Challenge of Urban Flooding in the United States (2019)

Strategies for Airports to Reduce Local Stormwater Utility Fees (2018)

Toxicological and Performance Aspects of Oxygenated Motor Vehicle Fuels (1996)

Applying Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing to Aircraft Deicing Runoff (2015)

Measuring and Removing Dissolved Metals from Stormwater in Highly Urbanized Areas (2014)

Leveraging Advances in Remote Geospatial Technologies to Inform Precision Environmental Health Decisions: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

Data Supporting the Impact of Regulatory Compliance Costs on Small Airports, Volume 2: Technical Appendixes to ACRP Report 90 (2013)

Identification of Research Needs Related to Highway Runoff Management (2004)

Deicing Planning Guidelines and Practices for Stormwater Management Systems, second edition (2020)

Benefit–Cost Analyses Guidebook for Airport Stormwater (2019)

Resources for Legal Issues Associated with Bus Maintenance (2008)

Guidebook for Designing and Managing Rights-of-Way for Carbon Sequestration and Biomass Generation (2015)