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Precision Statements for AASHTO Standard Methods of Test T 148, T 265, T 267, AND T 283 (2011)

Recommended Precision Statements for AASHTO Standard Methods of Test T22, T 104, T 105, T 154, T 186, and T 242 (2010)

Proposed AASHTO Practice and Tests for Process Control and Product Acceptance of Asphalt-Treated Cold Recycled Pavements (2021)

Electrochemical Test Methods to Evaluate the Corrosion Potential of Earthen Materials (2021)

Improved Test Methods and Practices for Characterizing Steel Corrosion Potential of Earthen Materials (2020)

Long-Term Aging of Asphalt Mixtures for Performance Testing and Prediction: Phase III Results (2021)

Optimization of Tack Coat for HMA Placement (2012)

Taking Stock of Science Standards Implementation: Proceedings of a Virtual Summit (2022)

Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Earth Material During Intelligent Compaction (2020)

A Pragmatic Future for NAEP: Containing Costs and Updating Technologies (2022)

Field Performance of Corrugated Pipe Manufactured with Recycled Polyethylene Content (2018)

Long-Term Performance of Epoxy Adhesive Anchor Systems (2013)

Laboratory Determination of Resilient Modulus for Flexible Pavement Design (2004)

Precision Estimates for AASHTO Test Methods T 186, T 154, and T 22, Determined Using CCRL Proficiency Sample Data (2009)

A Principled Approach to Language Assessment: Considerations for the U.S. Foreign Service Institute (2020)

Precision Estimates for AASHTO Test Method T 269 Determined Using AMRL Proficiency Sample Data (2007)

Self-Consolidating Concrete for Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements (2009)

Best Practices for State Assessment Systems, Part I: Summary of a Workshop (2010)

The Potential Consequences of Public Release of Food Safety and Inspection Service Establishment-Specific Data (2011)

Transfer, Development, and Splice Length for Strand/Reinforcement in High-Strength Concrete (2008)