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Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2000 (2001)

Nutrition Issues in Developing Countries: Part I: Diarrheal Diseases, Part II: Diet and Activity During Pregnancy and Lactation (1992)

Veterans and Agent Orange: Health Effects of Herbicides Used in Vietnam (1994)

Adverse Reproductive Outcomes in Families of Atomic Veterans: The Feasibility of Epidemiologic Studies (1995)

The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States (2018)

Caffeine for the Sustainment of Mental Task Performance: Formulations for Military Operations (2001)

Caffeine in Food and Dietary Supplements: Examining Safety: Workshop Summary (2014)

Review of VA Clinical Guidance for the Health Conditions Identified by the Camp Lejeune Legislation (2015)

Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2002 (2003)

Gulf War and Health: Volume 11: Generational Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War (2018)

Gulf War and Health: Volume 2: Insecticides and Solvents (2003)

Nutrition During Pregnancy: Part I: Weight Gain, Part II: Nutrient Supplements (1990)

Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2004 (2005)

Nitrate and Nitrite in Drinking Water (1995)

Fetal Research and Applications: A Conference Summary (1994)

Biologic Markers in Reproductive Toxicology (1989)

Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals: Volume 9 (2010)

Environmental Epidemiology, Volume 1: Public Health and Hazardous Wastes (1991)