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Section 230 Protections: Can Legal Revisions or Novel Technologies Limit Online Misinformation and Abuse?: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

Global Networks and Local Values: A Comparative Look at Germany and the United States (2001)

Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities (1994)

Exploring Encryption and Potential Mechanisms for Authorized Government Access to Plaintext: Proceedings of a Workshop (2016)

Technology for a Quieter America (2010)

Fostering Research on the Economic and Social Impacts of Information Technology (1998)

Decrypting the Encryption Debate: A Framework for Decision Makers (2018)

Institutional Review Boards and Health Services Research Data Privacy: A Workshop Summary (2000)

India-United States Cooperation on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism: Summary of a Workshop (2014)

Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice (2016)

IDs -- Not That Easy: Questions About Nationwide Identity Systems (2002)

(NAS Colloquium) Science, Technology and the Economy (1996)

Privacy Issues with the Use of Smart Cards (2008)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Deterring Cyberattacks: Informing Strategies and Developing Options for U.S. Policy (2010)

Cryptography and the Intelligence Community: The Future of Encryption (2022)

Protecting Data Privacy in Health Services Research (2000)

An Assessment of Selected Divisions of the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Fiscal Year 2021 (2021)

Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services (2015)