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Transforming Remote Sensing Data into Information and Applications (2001)

Opportunities to Use Remote Sensing in Understanding Permafrost and Related Ecological Characteristics: Report of a Workshop (2014)

Toward New Partnerships In Remote Sensing: Government, the Private Sector, and Earth Science Research (2002)

Using Remote Sensing in State and Local Government: Information for Management and Decision Making (2003)

The Decade of Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics (1991)

Down to Earth: Geographic Information for Sustainable Development in Africa (2002)

On Research Uses of LANDSAT: Letter Report (1991)

Landsat and Beyond: Sustaining and Enhancing the Nation's Land Imaging Program (2013)

Assessment of Satellite Earth Observation Programs--1991 (1991)

Evolving the Geodetic Infrastructure to Meet New Scientific Needs (2020)

People and Pixels: Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science (1998)

Earth Science and Applications from Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond (2007)

Visualizing Chemistry: The Progress and Promise of Advanced Chemical Imaging (2006)

Review of NASA's Solid-Earth Science Strategy (2004)

On the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility: Letter Report (1993) (1993)

Thriving on Our Changing Planet: A Decadal Strategy for Earth Observation from Space (2018)

The Field of Solar Physics: Review and Recommendations for Ground-Based Solar Research (1989)

Review of Scientific Aspects of the NASA Triana Mission: Letter Report (2000)

Opportunities to Improve Representation of Clouds and Aerosols in Climate Models with Classified Observing Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop: Abbreviated Version (2016)

Satellite Observations to Benefit Science and Society: Recommended Missions for the Next Decade (2008)