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Design Flexibility Considerations for Built Urban Environments (2009)

Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian Collisions (2008)

The Role of Transit, Shared Modes, and Public Policy in the New Mobility Landscape (2021)

Benefit/Cost Analysis of Converting a Lane for Bus Rapid Transit (2009)

Design Guide for Low-Speed Multimodal Roadways (2018)

Foreseeing the Impact of Transformational Technologies on Land Use and Transportation (2019)

Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning (2006)

Battery Electric Buses—State of the Practice (2018)

Better On-Street Bus Stops (2015)

Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for Urban Streets: Users Guide (2008)

Bringing Public Health into Urban Revitalization: Workshop in Brief (2015)

Bus Rapid Transit, Volume 2: Implementation Guidelines (2003)

Using Research and Technology to Address Compounding Disparities: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2020)

E-Scooter Safety: Issues and Solutions (2022)

Access Management in the Vicinity of Interchanges, Volume 1: Practitioner’s Guide (2022)

Dynamic Curbside Management: Keeping Pace with New and Emerging Mobility and Technology in the Public Right-of-Way, Part 1: Dynamic Curbside Management Guide and Part 2: Conduct of Research Report (2022)

Roadway Cross Section Reallocation: A Guide (2022)

Guide to Pedestrian Analysis (2022)

Public Transit and Bikesharing (2018)

Guidelines for Analysis of Investments in Bicycle Facilities (2006)