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Strategic Investments in Instrumentation and Facilities for Extraterrestrial Sample Curation and Analysis (2019)

Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Mars Sample Return Missions (2009)

Evaluating the Biological Potential in Samples Returned from Planetary Satellites and Small Solar System Bodies: Framework for Decision Making (1998)

Mars Sample Return: Issues and Recommendations (1997)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 1998 (1999)

Letter Report: Scientific Assessment of Options for the Disposition of the Galileo Spacecraft (2000)

The Quarantine and Certification of Martian Samples (2002)

Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Venus Missions: Letter Report (2006)

The Goals, Rationales, and Definition of Planetary Protection: Interim Report (2017)

Review and Assessment of Planetary Protection Policy Development Processes (2018)

Post-Viking Biological Investigations of Mars (1977)

Planetary Protection Classification of Sample Return Missions from the Martian Moons (2019)

Assessment of Mars Science and Mission Priorities (2003)

On NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission Options: Letter Report (1996)

New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy (2003)

Assessment of NASA's Mars Exploration Architecture: Letter Report (1998)

Assessment of NASA's Mars Architecture 2007-2016 (2006)

Signs of Life: A Report Based on the April 2000 Workshop on Life Detection Techniques (2002)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 1997 (1998)