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Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal Toolkit (2012)

The National Children's Study 2014: An Assessment (2014)

Naturalistic Driving Study: Descriptive Comparison of the Study Sample with National Data (2015)

Tort Liability Defense Practices for Design Flexibility (2012)

Design of the National Children's Study: A Workshop Summary (2013)

Measuring the 21st Century Science and Engineering Workforce Population: Evolving Needs (2018)

Measuring Research and Development Expenditures in the U.S. Nonprofit Sector: Conceptual and Design Issues: Summary of a Workshop (2015)

Improving Intelligibility of Airport Terminal Public Address Systems (2017)

The American Community Survey: Summary of a Workshop (2001)

Realizing the Potential of the American Community Survey: Challenges, Tradeoffs, and Opportunities (2015)

Concrete Bridge Deck Performance (2004)

Planning and Design of Airport Terminal Restrooms and Ancillary Spaces (2021)

Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (2014)

Measuring the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey: Interim Report (2010)

Using the American Community Survey: Benefits and Challenges (2007)

Measuring Housing Discrimination in a National Study: Report of a Workshop (2002)

Reengineering the Census Bureau's Annual Economic Surveys (2018)

Research Methods for Understanding Aircraft Noise Annoyances and Sleep Disturbance (2014)

Innovations in Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy (2017)

Understanding American Agriculture: Challenges for the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (2008)