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Rail Passenger Safety: Equipment and Technologies (2007)

Investigating Safety Impacts of Energy Technologies on Airports and Aviation (2011)

Technologies for Improving Safety Data (2007)

Certifying Personal Protective Technologies: Improving Worker Safety (2011)

Use of Smart Work Zone Technologies for Improving Work Zone Safety (2022)

Emerging Technologies for Construction Delivery (2019)

Best Available and Safest Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations: Options for Implementation (2013)

Current Practices in the Use of Onboard Technologies to Avoid Transit Bus Incidents and Accidents (2020)

The Role of Digital Health Technologies in Drug Development: Proceedings of a Workshop (2020)

Review of the USDOT Report on Connected Vehicle Initiative Communications Systems Deployment (2015)

Guidebook for Energy Facilities Compatibility with Airports and Airspace (2014)

Technological Options for User-Authorized Handguns: A Technology-Readiness Assessment (2005)

Improving the Characterization and Treatment of Radioactive Wastes for the Department of Energy's Accelerated Site Cleanup Program (2005)

Effectiveness and Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards (2002)

Assessment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles (2011)

Promoting Innovation: 2002 Assessment of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (2003)

A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Heavy Trucks (2004)

Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence (2013)

Recapturing NASA's Aeronautics Flight Research Capabilities (2012)

Safety Management in Small Motor Carriers (2012)