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Adolescent Risk and Vulnerability: Concepts and Measurement (2001)

Improving the Regulation and Management of Low-Activity Radioactive Wastes (2006)

Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility (2004)

Waste Incineration and Public Health (2000)

Deterrence and the Death Penalty (2012)

Improving Risk Communication: Working Papers (1989)

Supporting Individual Risk Assessment during COVID-19 (2022)

Risk and Decision Making: Perspectives and Research (1982)

Scientific Standards for Studies on Modified Risk Tobacco Products (2012)

Rethinking High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal: A Position Statement of the Board on Radioactive Waste Management (1990)

Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security: Proceedings of a Summit (2017)

Premium Cigars: Patterns of Use, Marketing, and Health Effects (2022)

Current Hazardous Materials Transportation Research and Future Needs (2012)

Letter Report on the Development of a Model for Ranking FDA Product Categories on the Basis of Health Risks (2009)

Countering Terrorism: Lessons Learned from Natural and Technological Disasters (2002)

Interim Report on Methodological Improvements to the Department of Homeland Security's Biological Agent Risk Analysis (2007)

Improving Risk Communication (1989)

A Review of the Draft 2013 National Climate Assessment (2013)

Communicating Toxicogenomics Information to Nonexperts: A Workshop Summary (2005)

Changing Sociocultural Dynamics and Implications for National Security: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)