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Using Remote Sensing in State and Local Government: Information for Management and Decision Making (2003)

Developing Innovative Strategies for Aviation Education and Participation (2019)

National Land Parcel Data: A Vision for the Future (2007)

Highway Research: Current Programs and Future Directions -- Special Report 244 (1994)

Effective Use of Citizen Advisory Committees for Transit Planning Operations (2010)

Characterization of Cementitiously Stabilized Layers for Use in Pavement Design and Analysis (2014)

Performance-Based Measures in Transit Fund Allocation (2004)

Policies and Practices for Effectively and Efficiently Meeting ADA Paratransit Demand (2008)

An Update on Public Transportation's Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2021)

Policing and Security Practices for Small- and Medium-Sized Public Transit Systems (2015)

Design and Construction of Deck Bulb Tee Girder Bridges with UHPC Connections (2022)

Small Populations, Large Effects: Improving the Measurement of the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey (2012)

Contracting for Bus and Demand-Responsive Transit Services: A Survey of U.S. Practice and Experience: Special Report 258 (2001)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 2002 (2003)

Contracting Fixed-Route Bus Transit Service (2018)

Guidebook on Building Airport Workforce Capacity (2018)

Toolkit for Rural Community Coordinated Transportation Services (2004)

Review of the Worker and Public Health Activities Program Administered by the Department of Energy and the Department of Health and Human Services (2006)

Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation (2022)

Achieving High Educational Standards for All: Conference Summary (2002)