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Emergency Medical Services: At the Crossroads (2007)

Hospital-Based Emergency Care: At the Breaking Point (2007)

Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains (2007)

Taking Action to Reduce Tobacco Use (1998)

The Role of Transit, Shared Modes, and Public Policy in the New Mobility Landscape (2021)

Preparing Coordinated Transportation Plans: A Guidebook for State Departments of Transportation (2009)

Measuring Investments in Active Transportation When Accomplished as Part of Other Projects (2022)

The Global Ocean Observing System: Users, Benefits, and Priorities (1997)

Reducing the Threat of Improvised Explosive Device Attacks by Restricting Access to Explosive Precursor Chemicals (2018)

Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System (2012)

Long-Term Institutional Management of U.S. Department of Energy Legacy Waste Sites (2000)

E-tool for Business Processes to Improve Travel Time Reliability (2014)

Scaling Up: A Research Agenda for Software Engineering (1989)

Preliminary Observations on Information Technology Needs and Priorities at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: An Interim Report (2010)

Evaluation of Future Strategic and Energy Efficient Options for the U.S. Capitol Power Plant (2009)

Review of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation: Letter Report 2 (2003)

State DOT Best Practices for Title VI Compliance (2009)

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management and Disposition: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services (2015)