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The Next Generation of Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences Researchers: Breaking Through (2018)

Issues for Science and Engineering Researchers in the Digital Age (2001)

Understanding Research, Science and Technology Parks: Global Best Practices: Report of a Symposium (2009)

The Transit Analyst Toolbox: Analysis and Approaches for Reporting, Communicating, and Examining Transit Data (2021)

Protecting National Park Soundscapes (2013)

Creating Equal Opportunities for a Healthy Weight: Workshop Summary (2013)

Clustering for 21st Century Prosperity: Summary of a Symposium (2012)

Data in Motion: New Approaches to Advancing Scientific, Engineering and Medical Progress: Proceedings of a Workshop--in Brief (2021)

Nature's Machines: The Story of Biomechanist Mimi Koehl (2006)

Strengthening U.S. Science and Technology Leadership through Global Cooperation and Partnerships: Proceedings of a Workshop Series–in Brief (2021)

Trends in the Innovation Ecosystem: Can Past Successes Help Inform Future Strategies? Summary of Two Workshops (2013)

Re-envisioning Postdoctoral Training in Neuroscience: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2021)

Ontologies in the Behavioral Sciences: Accelerating Research and the Spread of Knowledge (2022)

Review of U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Study on Implementation of Changes to the Section 4(f) Process: September 15, 2011, Letter Report (2011)

An Assessment of the Center for Neutron Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Fiscal Year 2021 (2022)

Science and the National Parks (1992)

Integrating Tourism and Recreation Travel with Transportation Planning and Project Delivery (2004)

Empowering Tomorrow's Chemist: Laboratory Automation and Accelerated Synthesis: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2022)

Using Systems Applications to Inform Obesity Solutions: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2021)