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Tools and Methods for Estimating Populations at Risk from Natural Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Crises (2007)

Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines: A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects, and Response (2016)

Consumer Health Information Technology in the Home: A Guide for Human Factors Design Considerations (2011)

Measuring Housing Discrimination in a National Study: Report of a Workshop (2002)

Report on Human Response to the Sonic Boom (1968)

Key Operational Characteristics and Functionalities of a State-of-the-Art Patient Scheduling System: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2019)

Letter Report to the Department of the Air Force from the Committee to Assess Potential Health Effects from Exposure to PAVE PAWS Low-level Phased-array Radiofrequency Energy (2002)

Evaluation of Methodologies for Visual Impact Assessments (2013)

EMF Research Activities Completed Under The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (1995)

Letter Report to Review the International Epidemiology Public Health Institute's Evaluation of Radiofrequency Energy from the PAVE PAWS Radar (2006)

Letter Report: Burning Plasma Assessment (Phase 1) (2002)

Building and Measuring Community Resilience: Actions for Communities and the Gulf Research Program (2019)

Public Engagement on Facilitating Access to Antiviral Medications and Information in an Influenza Pandemic: Workshop Series Summary (2012)

Naturalistic Driving Study: Descriptive Comparison of the Study Sample with National Data (2015)

Engaging the Public in Critical Disaster Planning and Decision Making: Workshop Summary (2013)

Fostering Transformative Research in the Geographical Sciences (2019)

Development of a Small Aircraft Runway Length Analysis Tool (2022)

Effectiveness of Behavioral Highway Safety Countermeasures (2008)

Benchmarking and Comparative Measurement for Effective Performance Management by Transportation Agencies (2019)