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Assessment of the Army Plan for the Pine Bluff Non-Stockpile Facility (2004)

Systems and Technologies for the Treatment of Non-Stockpile Chemical Warfare Materiel (2002)

Urban Stormwater Management in the United States (2009)

Impact of Revised Airborne Exposure Limits on Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Program Activities (2005)

Compensating for Wetland Losses Under the Clean Water Act (2001)

Review Criteria for Successful Treatment of Hydrolysate at the Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (2015)

California Pilot Test of the Ecological Approaches to Environmental Protection Developed in Capacity Research Projects C06A and C06B (2013)

Evaluation of Alternative Technologies for Disposal of Liquid Wastes from the Explosive Destruction System (2001)

Multi-State, Multimodal, Oversize/Overweight Transportation (2016)

An Ecological Approach to Integrating Conservation and Highway Planning, Volume 1 (2013)

Generating Revenue from Commercial Development On or Adjacent to Airports (2017)

Interim Design Assessment for the Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (2005)

Review and Evaluation of Alternative Chemical Disposal Technologies (1996)

Application of Geospatial Ecological Tools and Data in the Planning and Programming Phases of Delivering New Highway Capacity: Proof of Concept—Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (2014)

West Virginia Division of Highways’ Roadmap to a Watershed Approach for Maximizing Ecological Lift through Compensatory Mitigation Activities (2013)

Improving Operations and Long-Term Safety of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Interim Report (2000)

Review Criteria for Successful Treatment of Hydrolysate at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (2015)

Wetland Mitigation, Volume 2, A Guidebook for Airports (2019)

Disposal of Neutralent Wastes: Review and Evaluation of the Army Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Disposal Program (2001)

Airport Air Quality Management 101 (2018)