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Long Range Transportation Planning Process: Puget Sound TCAPP Pilot Test (2013)

The Use of Limited Access Privilege Programs in Mixed-Use Fisheries (2021)

Monitoring International Labor Standards: International Perspectives: Summary of Regional Forums (2004)

Securing the Future: Regional and National Programs to Support the Semiconductor Industry (2003)

Sharing the Fish: Toward a National Policy on Individual Fishing Quotas (1999)

Striking a Balance: Improving Stewardship of Marine Areas (1997)

The Metropolitan Planning Organization, Present and Future (2007)

Airport System Planning Practices (2009)

Challenges in Ocean Policy (2001)

Framework for Collaborative Decision Making on Additions to Highway Capacity (2014)

Transportation Improvement Program Revision Process (2011)

Innovations in Travel Demand Modeling, Volume 1: Session Summaries (2008)

Transit-Oriented Development: Developing a Strategy to Measure Success (2005)

A Review of Human Services Transportation Plans and Grant Programs (2011)

Improving the Management of U.S. Marine Fisheries (1994)

Operational and Institutional Agreements That Facilitate Regional Traffic Signal Operations (2011)

Improving the Use of the "Best Scientific Information Available" Standard in Fisheries Management (2004)

Appendixes to TCRP Report 118: Bus Rapid Transit Practitioner's Guide (2006)