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Recommended LRFD Minimum Flexural Reinforcement Requirements (2010)

Design Guidance for Freeway Mainline Ramp Terminals (2012)

Fatigue Evaluation of Steel Bridges (2012)

Proposed Criteria for Selecting the WIC Food Packages: A Preliminary Report of the Committee to Review the WIC Food Packages (2004)

Illumination Guidelines for Nighttime Highway Work (2003)

Supporting Materials for NCHRP Report 673 (2011)

Guidelines for Project Selection and Materials Sampling, Conditioning, and Testing in WMA Research Studies (2012)

Airport Parking Garage Lighting Solutions (2015)

Guidelines for Ramp and Interchange Spacing (2011)

Selecting Ramp Design Speeds, Volume 1: Guide (2021)

Validation of the Louisiana Interlayer Shear Strength Test for Tack Coat (2018)

Guidance for Usage of Permeable Pavement at Airports (2017)

Use of Towbarless Tractors at Airports—Best Practices (2012)

Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle: Eighth Revised Edition (2021)

Selecting Ramp Design Speeds, Volume 2: Conduct of Research Report (2021)

Determining Guidelines for Ramp and Interchange Spacing (2011)

A Manual for Design of Hot-Mix Asphalt with Commentary (2011)

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Eighth Edition (2011)

Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design, Volume 2: Spreadsheet Models and User’s Guide (2010)

Assessment of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Signalized Intersections (2011)