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Making Sense of Ballistic Missile Defense: An Assessment of Concepts and Systems for U.S. Boost-Phase Missile Defense in Comparison to Other Alternatives (2012)

Improving the Accuracy of Early Cost Estimates for Federal Construction Projects (1990)

Final Report for NCHRP Report 574: Guidance for Cost Estimation and Management for Highway Projects During Planning, Programming, and Preconstruction (2006)

Airport Capital Improvements: Developing a Cost-Estimating Model and Database (2014)

Scientific Review of the Proposed Risk Assessment Bulletin from the Office of Management and Budget (2007)

An Examination of 14 Projects to Validate the Results of SHRP 2’s Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (T-PICS) (2014)

Local Fiscal Effects of Illegal Immigration: Report of a Workshop (1996)

In Pursuit of Speed: New Options for Intercity Passenger Transport: New Options for Intercity Passenger Transport -- Special Report 233 (1991)

Guide for Conducting Benefit-Cost Analyses of Multimodal, Multijurisdictional Freight Corridor Investments (2017)

Guidebook on Risk Analysis Tools and Management Practices to Control Transportation Project Costs (2010)

The Bicentennial Census: New Directions for Methodology in 1990: 30th Anniversary Edition (2015)

Methods for Forecasting Demand and Quantifying Need for Rural Passenger Transportation (2010)

Highway Capacity Manual 6th Edition: A Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis (2016)

Hidden Costs, Value Lost: Uninsurance in America (2003)

The Use of Multi-State Life Tables in Estimating Places for Biomedical and Behavioral Scientists: A Technical Paper (1997)

Climate Change: Evidence and Causes (2014)

Guidebook for Deploying Zero-Emission Transit Buses (2021)

Assessment of Approaches to Updating the Social Cost of Carbon: Phase 1 Report on a Near-Term Update (2016)