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Integrating Health Literacy, Cultural Competence, and Language Access Services: Workshop Summary (2016)

Inner-City Poverty in the United States (1990)

Measuring Housing Discrimination in a National Study: Report of a Workshop (2002)

Proactive Policing: Effects on Crime and Communities (2018)

U.S. Nuclear Engineering Education: Status and Prospects (1990)

Measuring Access to Learning Opportunities (2003)

Racial Equity, Black America, and Public Transportation, Volume 1: A Review of Economic, Health, and Social Impacts (2022)

Reducing Racial Inequality in Crime and Justice: Science, Practice, and Policy (2022)

Focusing on Children's Health: Community Approaches to Addressing Health Disparities: Workshop Summary (2009)

Measuring Racial Discrimination (2004)

Technology and Employment: Innovation and Growth in the U.S. Economy (1987)

COVID-19 and the K-12 Teacher Workforce: Seizing the Moment to Reimagine Education: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

Improving Intergroup Relations Among Youth: Summary of a Research Workshop (2000)

Equality of Opportunity and the Importance of Place: Summary of a Workshop (2002)

A Common Destiny: Blacks and American Society (1989)

America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences: Volume I (2001)

Research on Sentencing: The Search for Reform, Volume II (1983)

Placing Children in Special Education: A Strategy for Equity (1982)

Understanding and Preventing Violence, Volume 3: Social Influences (1994)