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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Defense Environmental Cleanup Activities of DOE's Office of Environmental Management: Report 1 (2021)

Informing Environmental Health Decisions Through Data Integration: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Guidelines for Emergency Ventilation Smoke Control in Roadway Tunnels (2017)

A Debris Management Handbook for State and Local DOTs and Departments of Public Works (2014)

Effects of the Deletion of Chemical Agent Washout on Operations at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant (2016)

Integrating Landscape Approaches and Multi-Resource Analysis into Natural Resource Management: Summary of a Workshop (2016)

Understanding and Managing Risk in Security Systems for the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex: (Abbreviated Version) (2011)

Use of Automated Machine Guidance within the Transportation Industry (2018)

Review of DOD's Approach to Deriving an Occupational Exposure Level for Trichloroethylene (2019)

Review of Secondary Waste Disposal Planning for the Blue Grass and Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plants (2008)

Using Graywater and Stormwater to Enhance Local Water Supplies: An Assessment of Risks, Costs, and Benefits (2016)

Force Multiplying Technologies for Logistics Support to Military Operations (2014)

Complex Operational Decision Making in Networked Systems of Humans and Machines: A Multidisciplinary Approach (2014)

Sharing Clinical Research Data: Workshop Summary (2013)

Review of Chemical Agent Secondary Waste Disposal and Regulatory Requirements (2007)

Accounting for Health and Health Care: Approaches to Measuring the Sources and Costs of Their Improvement (2010)

Desalination: A National Perspective (2008)

Envisioning the Agenda for Water Resources Research in the Twenty-First Century (2001)

Tackling Marine Debris in the 21st Century (2009)