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Letter Report Assessing the USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program's Science Plan (2011)

Asbestiform Fibers: Nonoccupational Health Risks (1984)

Envisioning the Agenda for Water Resources Research in the Twenty-First Century (2001)

Scientific Review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special Use Permit (2012)

Guidance for the Description of Animal Research in Scientific Publications (2011)

Stemming the Tide: Controlling Introductions of Nonindigenous Species by Ships' Ballast Water (1996)

Preliminary Review of the Draft Science, Education, and Design Strategy for the Water and Environmental Research Systems (WATERS) Network (2008)

Interim Review of the Florida Keys Carrying Capacity Study (2001)

Review of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan: Report 3 (2018)

Drinking Water Distribution Systems: Assessing and Reducing Risks (2006)

Surface Coal Mining Effects on Ground Water Recharge (1990)

Strategic Program Delivery Methods (2017)

Formulations for Aircraft and Airfield Deicing and Anti-Icing: Aquatic Toxicity and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (2009)

Best-Value Procurement Methods for Highway Construction Projects (2006)

Dehydration and Compression of Foods (1982)

Quality Characteristics and Test Methods for Use in Performance-Related Specifications of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements (2004)

Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable Water (2008)

Guidebook on Alternative Quality Management Systems for Highway Construction (2015)

West Virginia Division of Highways’ Roadmap to a Watershed Approach for Maximizing Ecological Lift through Compensatory Mitigation Activities (2013)

Ground Water Recharge Using Waters of Impaired Quality (1994)