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Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination (2015)

Preventing Psychological Disorders in Service Members and Their Families: An Assessment of Programs (2014)

The Drama of the Commons (2002)

Representing Human Behavior in Military Simulations: Interim Report (1997)

Modeling Human and Organizational Behavior: Application to Military Simulations (1998)

Distributed Decision Making: Report of a Workshop (1990)

Identifying the Culprit: Assessing Eyewitness Identification (2014)

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition (2000)

The Value of Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences to National Priorities: A Report for the National Science Foundation (2017)

Enhancing Human Performance: Background Papers, Stress Management (1988)

When I'm 64 (2006)

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School (1999)

Learning, Remembering, Believing: Enhancing Human Performance (1994)

Intelligence Analysis: Behavioral and Social Scientific Foundations (2011)

Education and Learning to Think (1987)

In the Mind's Eye: Enhancing Human Performance (1991)

Behavioral and Social Science: 50 Years of Discovery (1986)

Human Behavior in Military Contexts (2008)

The Aging Mind: Opportunities in Cognitive Research (2000)