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A Guide to the Methodology of the National Research Council Assessment of Doctorate Programs (2009)

Information Systems and Measurement for Assessing Program Effects: Implications for Family Planning Programs in Developing Countries (1994)

A Scientific Strategy for U.S. Participation in the GOALS (Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System) Component of the CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability) Programme (1998)

Factors Affecting Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa (1993)

Research-Doctorate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences: Selected Findings from the NRC Assessment (2011)

A Century of Ecosystem Science: Planning Long-Term Research in the Gulf of Alaska (2002)

Improving Data to Analyze Food and Nutrition Policies (2005)

Southern Ocean Dynamics: A Strategy for Scientific Exploration, 1973-1983 (1974)

The Social Security Administration's Disability Decision Process: A Framework for Research, Second Interim Report (1998)

Beyond the Blueprint: Directions for Research on Head Start's Families (1996)

On Implementing a National Graduate Medical Education Trust Fund (1997)

Review of the Biomedical Proposals to the 2005 Wright Centers of Innovation and the Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer Partnership Award Program of the State of Ohio: Letter Report (2005)

Facilities Staffing Requirements for the Veterans Health Administration–Resourcing, Workforce Modeling, and Staffing: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Facilities Staffing Requirements for the Veterans Health Administration—Resource Planning and Methodology for the Future: Interim Report (2019)

Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects (2019)

Communicating Science and Engineering Data in the Information Age (2012)

Assessment of Performance Measures for Public Health, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health (1997)

Validation of the Louisiana Interlayer Shear Strength Test for Tack Coat (2018)

Weighing the Options: Criteria for Evaluating Weight-Management Programs (1995)