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Cities Transformed: Demographic Change and Its Implications in the Developing World (2003)

Using Models to Estimate Hog and Pig Inventories: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Discouraging Terrorism: Some Implications of 9/11 (2002)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2005 Symposium (2006)

Growing Populations, Changing Landscapes: Studies from India, China, and the United States (2001)

Forced Migration and Mortality (2001)

Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions (2005)

Population Dynamics of Kenya (1993)

Population Dynamics of Senegal (1995)

Preparing for an Aging World: The Case for Cross-National Research (2001)

Effects of Health Programs on Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa (1993)

Science Priorities for the Human Dimensions of Global Change (1994)

Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem-Solving: Concepts and Case Studies (1986)

Demographic Change in Sub-Saharan Africa (1993)

Recruiting Fishery Scientists: Workshop on Stock Assessment and Social Science Careers (2000)

Pesticide Resistance: Strategies and Tactics for Management (1986)

Factors Affecting Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa (1993)

Social Dynamics of Adolescent Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa (1993)

Contraception and Reproduction: Health Consequences for Women and Children in the Developing World (1989)

Evaluation of the Predictive Ecological Model for the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan: An Interim Report as Part of Phase 2 (2016)