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Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes (2018)

Premium Cigars: Patterns of Use, Marketing, and Health Effects (2022)

Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Measuring Exposures and Assessing Health Effects (1986)

Scientific Standards for Studies on Modified Risk Tobacco Products (2012)

New Treatments for Addiction: Behavioral, Ethical, Legal, and Social Questions (2004)

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Cardiovascular Effects: Making Sense of the Evidence (2010)

Dispelling the Myths About Addiction: Strategies to Increase Understanding and Strengthen Research (1997)

Dying to Quit: Why We Smoke and How We Stop (1998)

Growing Up Tobacco Free: Preventing Nicotine Addiction in Children and Youths (1994)

Scientific Frontiers in Developmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment (2000)

Biomarkers: Medical and Workplace Applications (1998)