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Analytical Tools for Asset Management (2005)

Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports—Primer and Guidebook (2012)

Drought Management and Its Impact on Public Water Systems: Report on a Colloquium Sponsored by the Water Science and Technology Board (1986)

Review of the St. Johns River Water Supply Impact Study: Report 3 (2010)

Outcomes of the Environmental Streamlining Pilot Projects (2005)

Taking Stock of Science Standards Implementation: Planning for Progress: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2022)

Review of the U.S. Global Change Research Program's Draft Decadal Strategic Plan, 2022-2031 (2022)

Improving American River Flood Frequency Analyses (1999)

Effect of Truck Weight on Bridge Network Costs (2003)

Air Cargo Facility Planning and Development—Final Report (2015)

Safety of Dams: Flood and Earthquake Criteria (1985)

Information Technology Systems at Airports--A Primer (2012)

Airports and Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Volume 2: Incorporating UAS into Airport Infrastructure— Planning Guidebook (2020)

Development of a Small Aircraft Runway Length Analysis Tool (2022)

Repairing and Maintaining Airport Parking Structures While in Use (2013)

Guidebook for Air Cargo Facility Planning and Development (2015)

Committing to the Cost of Ownership: Maintenance and Repair of Public Buildings (1990)

Space Facilities: Meeting Future Needs for Research, Development, and Operations (1994)

A Decision Framework for Managing the Spirit Lake and Toutle River System at Mount St. Helens (2018)