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Elder Abuse and Its Prevention: Workshop Summary (2014)

Elder Mistreatment: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in an Aging America (2003)

New Directions in Child Abuse and Neglect Research (2014)

Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect (1993)

Child Maltreatment Research, Policy, and Practice for the Next Decade: Workshop Summary (2012)

Crime Victims with Developmental Disabilities: Report of a Workshop (2001)

Service Provider Perspectives on Family Violence Interventions (1995)

Risk Factors for Suicide: Summary of a Workshop (2001)

Confronting Chronic Neglect: The Education and Training of Health Professionals on Family Violence (2002)

Advancing the Federal Research Agenda on Violence Against Women (2004)

Understanding Violence Against Women (1996)

Violence in Families: Assessing Prevention and Treatment Programs (1998)

Reducing Suicide: A National Imperative (2002)

Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States (2013)

The Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Impacts of Violence and Trauma: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Violence Prevention in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Finding a Place on the Global Agenda: Workshop Summary (2008)

Social and Economic Costs of Violence: Workshop Summary (2012)

The Impact of Juvenile Justice System Involvement on the Health and Well-Being of Youth, Families, and Communities of Color: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

The Consequences of Maternal Morbidity and Maternal Mortality: Report of a Workshop (2000)